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iPhone Unlocking is becoming iLegal from January 2013

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The worst is here already! Starting from January 2013, unlocking iPhones is declared illegal. It seems that many companies found a way to unlock iPhones for a very cheap price. Previously people could get their iPhone factory unlocked but for a huge price somewhere close to $200. Now it’s the other way round. Factory unlocks have taken a major dive and the prices are as low as $20. So unlocking iPhones have taken a major dive in prices to as low as $20.

All this is too good to last. It’s all coming to an end, since unlocking iPhones are being declared illegal.
New DMCA ruling from the library of Congress will make unlocking your iPhone illegal starting the first month of next year. Now this would definitely sound bad but actually it’s not as bad as you are thinking. Back in 2006 and 2010, Library of Congress ruled that unlocking iPhone would be completely illegal but now it has turned 90 degrees. Starting 2013, iPhone unlocking would be (almost) illegal. Why the word “almost illegal”? Well you would still be able to unlock iPhone but with the permission from your carrier, which almost makes it impossible to legally unlock iPhone.
The new DMCA would make iPhone’s purchased after January 2013 to be not illegible to be unlocked but those purchased before would still be able to get it unlocked.

This is what was said-
“While the new rules do contain a provision allowing phone unlocking, it comes with a crippling caveat: the phone must have been “originally acquired from the operator of a wireless telecommunications network or retailer no later than ninety days after the effective date of this exemption.”

But the main reasons behind this are two –

 The first, is that; when you purchase a software you do not actually own it, you rather simply license it according to End User License Agreement. In basic words it means you can use the software but can’t make changes to it, thus unlocking iPhone to be illegal.
 The second, reason Congress mentioned was that there are way too many unlocked phones in the market compared to those locked ones. Which is kind of bad for carriers as they lose much of their revenue from locked iPhones.
Well, as for now, lets wait and see what happens.
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